What color does Pink & Red make?
Absolutely Beautiful!

Pink and red are both warm colors, invoking a happy feeling. But what color do they make when mixed? Learn about it here!
What color does Pink & Red make? Absolutely Beautiful! Thumbnail
What color does Pink & Red make? Absolutely Beautiful! Thumbnail


Red is a powerful and strong color but what about pink? Well, you get pink when you mix white to red. So basically, pink is a tone of red and thus, it creates a very soft and feminine feeling on the senses compared to red, which usually comes off strong and aggressive. But when pink enters the scene, the touch of white calms things down and you won’t believe the color created when red and pink are mixed!

Red and pink combine together to form raspberry pink. This is a magenta-like shade with a reddish tint. However, using a different hue of red may even result in rose pink. The pink hue created depends on the hue of red used.

1. Understanding the Color Wheel and Color Theory

Raspberry pink isn't there on the color wheel but red is!

Raspberry pink is a warm color, the result of basic red being mixed with the basic pink hue. 

Color wheel with cool colors on the left and warm colors on the right

It’s essential to remember that red is a primary color. And pink is only obtained whenever any red hue is mixed with the neutral color white. So even though pink paint tubes and art supplies might be available in separate containers, they are essentially a tint of red. Hence, you can always create your own version of pink at home too. 

2. Creating hues of Raspberry Pink using Pink and Red

The red hue you choose will have an impact on the pink you create!

Small hearts of various colors - red, baby pink and hot pink

Remember that pink is made when you add white to red. So the more white you add, the lighter the pink shade you’ll get. Also, the resulting pink hue depends on the red hue you’re using. Are you using scarlet, brilliant red or alizurin crimson? The most basic red is the brilliant one!

What will happen if more red is added?

Adding more red will make the color more intense and warm, taking away the pastel look.

What will happen if more pink is added?

If more pink is added (with white being added exclusively), there are more chances of pastel pink as a result.

3. The Color Psychology and Effects of Raspberry Pink

Raspberry pink evokes charming feelings like other pink hues!

Like other shades of pink, raspberry pink depicts femininity and tenderness. So it’s easy to see why even raspberry pink is so comforting and nurturing to the eyes. This makes it an ideal choice to portray romantic subjects or the feelings of love in art and design. 

Positive Traits Negative Traits
Calmness Timid
Innocence Lack of confidence
Femininity Immature
Love Emotional

4. How is Raspberry Pink used in Painting?

Raspberry pink is an excellent choice for creating soft feelings with fun!

Many raspberries showing magenta-red tints

Raspberry pink can be used to add warm feelings into an otherwise dull painting. Examples of such paintings could be monochromatic ones, especially those in which black, grey or cool colors like blue have been used. There is a lack of saturation in such works, for which raspberry pink works great.

Using raspberry pink in painting media

Acrylic paints: Always make the raspberry pink hue lighter in acrylic, since they always dry darker.

Oil paints: With oil paints, you can create blends on the go. Take some red and some white, put them onto the canvas, and mix them right there for adding expression.

Watercolors:  If you’re using the wet-in-wet technique, you can add orange and blue directly on to the paper. Where the two paints mix, they will create a shade of brown.

Gouache:  If you have magenta in your gouache paint set, you can mix it with basic red to get raspberry pink. It’s better to mix first and then add white to obtain tints.

Creating an underpainting with raspberry pink

Although raspberry pink is usually not a color used for underpainting, you can give it a try. Start by darker shades of red and blocking in all the shadows. You can then add raspberry pink in the lighter areas to depict the movement of light.

Raspberry Pink in Portrait Paintings

In portrait paintings, raspberry pink could be used in the background to create a romantic atmosphere. Remember that adding white will tint the pink to pale shade, which can be ideal for blushing cheeks!

Raspberry Pink in Landscape Paintings

Raspberry pink is a great color not just for florals, but also for creating hues of a sky at dawn or dusk.

5. How is Raspberry Pink used in Drawing?

Pink can get quite intense in drawing media!

A subtle combination of red and pink

Pastels and Chalk: Pick a shade of white or light pink. Cover the area first with this lighter chalk, then proceed using the red on above. Blend gently and avoid using more than two colors, as this could turn the resulting pink hue into grey.

Ink: With ink, you can dilute a specific red to make it look like pink. However, it’s best to have magenta ink and mix it with red for a raspberry hue.

Colored Pencils: You can get so many hues of red and pink in colored pencils. If you want to add a diverse effect in your drawing, ignore the blending and lay the colors next to each other instead. It would create an illusion from a distance.

Markers and brush pens: You’ll find a lot of red varieties in markers and brush pens. If you want to get started with a basic red-toned marker set, we recommend you get this one.

Copic Sketch Color Fusion Markers (Red)

This set of 3 markers has 'currant', 'cardinal', and 'lipstick natural' shades that can be used for all sorts of arts and crafts projects.

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6. How is Raspberry Pink used in Design?

The softness and vibrancy of raspberry pink can make any space welcoming.

Raspberry pink is a warm color and it could get very vibrant too! That being said, it’s best to combine it with neutral colors in case you want a more stable and mature outlook. Here are a few tips you can follow for using raspberry pink in all your design projects.

  1. When using a pale pink hue, accompany it with metallic elements such as silver, bronze, or gold.
  2. Add deep dark red or brownish-red to neutralize the space while maintaining the charm of warm colors.
  3. Add white or black to create an open space, especially if the concerned area is small. 
  4. Black decor pieces pop against a raspberry pink backdrop - for a modern and more fun approach.


So pink is actually a tone of red. You mix white with red and you get pink. And if you mix both pink and red, you’ll get a stunning pink hue known as raspberry pink. Just like other pink hues, it is feminine and very romantic. However, the raspberry pink hue could also look immature if used excessively. So in terms of design, it’s best to use it along with white, grey, or black for a more mature atmosphere.

Do you wish to learn more about shades created using pink? Don’t miss this post about the color created by mixing orange and pink together .

What color does Orange & Pink make? Absolutely Beautiful!

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By Jimena & Iñigo

The Navarro-Rubios

My husband and I are learning how to draw and paint. We wanted to share this learning process with the world and have fun! That's why we created this blog. We'll have drawing contests every week and you'll decide who won that week! Follow along and learn with us!

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Jimena & Iñigo Picture

Jimena & Iñigo

The Navarro-Rubios

My husband and I are learning how to draw and paint. We wanted to share this learning process with the world and have fun! That's why we created this blog. We'll have drawing contests every week and you'll decide who won that week! Follow along and learn with us!



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